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Affirmations And Life

As most girls are I am in love with jewelry, BUT I really love inspirational jewelry.  I am in one of my self growth kicks and on the prowl for balance in my hectic life.  I came across the cutest online store called

I found this online store while searching for affirmation jewelry pieces.  Do you know what affirmations can do for you?  Well, in my never-ending quest for the new me, I have discovered the power that one can realize with affirmations.  Saying them throughout the day is a way to believe in yourself and help you achieve success.

To my surprise has an entire store dedicated to inspirational Sterling Silver bangle bracelets and cuffs with.  They have a selection of silver and gold jewelry with engraved sayings,  bracelets with mantra sayings, silver plated meaningful quote jewelry, just to name a few.

I love this store and I know you will to.  It sells bracelets, bangles and cuffs.  Many are silver plated jewelry pieces, gold and I even found a rose gold collection of engraved bangle cuffs with self love quotes.  

I practice yoga so I found several Namaste bracelets and cuffs in silver and gold. They have several empowerment leather band bracelets that I’m going to pick up as gifts for my trendier friends.   

I found the perfect “Strength, Hope and Courage”  bracelet cuff  for a friend who has been going through a rough patch.  Isn’t that what girlfriends are for?  I believe in woman empowerment and these meaningful sayings cuffs are perfect.

I ordered a variety and I can’t wait to receive them in the mail.  I purchased what was meaningful for me right now, but  I know that I will be ordering more soon. They make great gifts.  My mom and sister are going to love what I picked up for them.

Remember if you need - stamped cuff mantra jewelry in silver or gold, jewelry with inspirational quotes, reflection quotes bangles or any motivational slogan bracelets, you’ve got to check out this store.  The selection of sterling silver bangle bracelets are unique.

I enjoy wearing many bracelets on my wrist at once so I’ll be wearing stack-able mantra bracelets.  Each cuff has my affirmation word or phrases engraved on them so I can read them allowed all day long.