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Are Cat Owners Smarter than Dog Owners?

Did you know that Cat owners are smarter than Dog owners?

Well, a recent study by Carrol University in Wisconsin, discovered that Cat Owners scored higher on an intelligence test than their dog lover counterparts. The study's premise is that these pet owners tend to have different personalities. The cat lovers proved to be more sensitive and open-minded, while than dog lovers tended to be more energetic.

Overall dog lovers tend to be more outgoing and cat lovers are more reserved.

Dog lovers tend to be outdoors more frequently. They are fun loving types who typically like going for long walks and are more gregarious. Cat lovers are more reserved indoor loving owners who prefer to stay at home and enjoy a good book with their loving cats.
Dr. Guastello believes we select our pets based on our personality types. In a way you can say that our pets are a reflection of our personalities, of our lifestyle choices.
So do you agree with this recent study from the Carrol University? Do you believe this confirms the reason you are a cat lover?