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Cat's Best Seller

WE as pet owners love all breeds of cats, big, small, cute, furry and on and on and on.  But ... and we say BUT cannot believe the popularity of the American Short Hair Cat.  

The Cat and Mouse Phone Case is so popular that it has sold out for the third time now.  This has been such a hot commodity that it is difficult to keep in stock.  Cats are great pets. They are exotic, independent and loving and you know they can be goofy!  What about the fact they are so independent, or the way the take up your bed or take ownership of your favorite chair or couch?   

There are a lot of Cat lovers out there and we are happy to provide this fashionable phone case for anyone.

We are currently looking for more pieces that honor our love for cats, so as soon as we have others, you'll be the first to know. 

In the meantime, enjoy those compliments on that Cat and Mouse Phone Case and honor your love for Cats.

Until next time....Thanks for visiting and shopping with us!