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What We're Doing

We are dedicated to the needs of Urban Women no matter what age who loves her pet, who loves herself, who loves to cook, who wants something fun and "YEP" loves life!   We are constantly looking for new products that JUST maybe you didn't think you quite needed, but once you see it, you say, "hmmm I would like that!"

Here at Urbandippity we love dogs and we want to share the love of dogs with you. Check out our Love Pug totes!  A collection that is not particularly for your dog but for you who loves Pugs.  You like Boston Terriers?  Well, there is something for you in mind to.  Love the most gentle giant you'll ever meet?  Yes, we're talking about the Great Dane!  Well, take a look at our Artsy Dane case.  That is a hot item and has sold out not once, but TWICE! 

We know there are many loves in an Urban Woman's life.  WE are busy, we travel, we love to look beautiful, we love to cook get the picture.  Check us out on Facebook.  We're always happy to hear from you.

Until next time!